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Season 1 - Humanities

North Korea

By Stephan Gladieu

Stephan Gladieu began his career as a war photographer in 1989, criss-crossing through, among other places, Europe, Central Asia, China, India and the Middle East. He likes to bear witness to the human condition through the production of portraits as...

  • dice-4 Drop type - Random Mint

    When participating in a random drop, the minter gets a « reveal » token from the chosen series. It is only on the reveal date, which is specified on the series page, that the token reveals a unique random photograph.

  • ethereum Price - 1  ETH
  • box Mint available - 73 / 73
  • licence Licence Type - Extended Limited

    The photographers in the Rhapsody Curated family select their own license to apply to their series. Each series has its license that does not influence the other series in the Rhapsody Curated collection.

    A « Limited » license allows the owner of the NFT to display its image on social media, on marketplaces and in virtual spaces, all in a strictly non-commercial basis.

    An « Extended Limited » license allows the owner of the NFT to display its image on social media, on marketplaces and in virtual spaces but also to make a physical print of the image associated to the NFT for personal use limited to the family circle, all in a strictly non-commercial basis.

  • calendar-heart Release date - 28/09/2022 at 5pm CET
  • arrow-clockwise Reveal date - 03/10/2022 at 5pm CET
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What is Rhapsody Curated ?

Rhapsody Curated is a digital space bringing together the greatest photographic writings and facilitating, for NFT collectors, the exploration, the discovery and the collection of high quality photographic projects.

Each month, we curate a season of 3 to 5 photography projects selected according to a specific theme, composing what could be seen as an exhibition. To highlight the photographer’s story and writing, we use a random drop system well known to NFT enthusiasts which consists of offering collectors the opportunity to acquire a photograph at random from the chosen series. Essentially, what the collector captures is a unique piece of the overall story told by the photographer.

Season one : Humanities

Rhapsody Curated’s inaugural season is an anthropological study through the eyes of four respected photographers, including a duo. Each of the three photography projects they present provides a different understanding of humanity.

Bruno Mouron and Pascal Rostain build esthetic and unusual portraits with the trash of celebrities from Kate Moss and Michael Jackson to Ronald Reagan.

Stephan Gladieu ambitious studio-like portraits take us on a deep dive in the lives of the people behind one of the most mysterious countries on the planet, North Korea.

Floriane de Lassée work spans four continents and fourteen countries. She reveals the weights that people carry with them, both physical and psychological.


Andy Garcia, 2004


60 photos


How Much Can You Carry ?

57 photos

3D Movie

North Korea

73 photos


Stephan Gladieuu

Stephan Gladieu

1 Collection

Floriane de Lasséeu

Floriane de Lassée

1 Collection

Bruno Mouron and Pascal Rostainu

Bruno Mouron and Pascal Rostain

1 Collection