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Welcome to the Rhapsody help center! Here, you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us via our Twitter account (@rhapsodycurated). We're here to help!

Getting started

Rhapsody Curated is an international high curation NFT platform 100% dedicated to photography. It has the ambition of being the photographer’s guide towards the metaverse while perpetuating the deep-rooted French photographic tradition. Starting in April, a first inaugural season of three series will be launched, highlighting four photographers on the theme of being Human.

Each month, Rhapsody Curated builds a season of 3 to 5 photographic projects selected according to a specific theme, as for an exhibition. The projects are composed of at least 30 photographs available in the form of unique 1/1 NFTs. To highlight the photographer's story and writing, we use a random drop system based on the model developed by ArtBlocks. This “drop” system, well known to NFT enthusiasts, consists in offering the collector the opportunity of acquiring a photograph from the series at random. Thus, at the time of purchase, the collector does not know the exact work he is acquiring, but what he captures is his unique piece of the story told by the photographer.

At Rhapsody Curated, an in-house curation team selects photographic works based on the thematics of our future seasons as well as the outstanding quality of the photographer’s work and vision.

We’ve created the Rhapsody Curated Discord server where collectors and artists can chat with each other and show off their collected photographs.

Rhapsody Curated uses the blockchain Ethereum, which is moving away from the power-hungry Proof-of-Work and toward a more environmentally friendly Proof-of-Stake. When this change happens, in a few months, it will reduce Ethereum’s energy consumption by 99,95%.


We urge our collectors to purchase a hardware wallet (ie. Ledger) to secure their crypto-assets (crypto-currencies and NFTs).

We have created an IT channel in our Discord where you can ask questions relating to any technical difficulties you may have encountered. You can also reach out to us through Twitter.

Buying / Minting

Photographs minted on the Rhapsody Curated platform are always unique 1/1 pieces, except when specified on the series page. Depending on the series, the images might have been printed as physical editions prior to the release of the NFT, this will always be stated on the series page.

Some of the series available on the platform are random mints. This means that when purchasing a piece of the series, the buyer receives in the next minutes a « reveal » token that is not a photograph. It is only after 5 days that this token gets revealed into a random photograph from the chosen series.

Purchasing an NFT from Rhapsody Curated or on the secondary market doesn’t automatically give you the right to use the image as you please. Have a look at your token’s metadata to see which license the photographer chose for your specific NFT.

To purchase a photograph on the Rhapsody Curated platform, you need to connect a wallet holding the right amount of ether (ETH) and click on the “mint” button for the chosen series.

When minted, your photograph will be hidden until the reveal, which is exactly 5 days after the drop.

The series have already been sold as prints before (as editions), if not, it will be specified on the series’ description. When minting them as NFTs, the minter will get a 1/1 unique NFT piece from the selected series.

All of Rhapsody’s NFTs are minted from the artist’s own smartcontract created by our in-house tech team.

Your NFT is viewable on marketplaces such as LooksRare, OpenSea or Rarible right after your purchase. It might take a few minutes for the image to appear.