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What is Rhapsody Curated ?

Each month, we curate a season of 3 to 5 photography projects selected according to a specific theme, composing what can be described as an exhibition. To highlight the photographer’s story and writing, we use a random drop system well known to NFT enthusiasts which consists of offering collectors the opportunity to acquire a photograph at random from the chosen series. Essentially, what the collector captures is a unique piece of the overall story told by the photographer.

The focus of the Rhapsody Curated team is split between bringing the most ambitious photography series to the blockchain and doing so in a secure and technologically innovative way. We are fervent advocates web 3.0 ideals such as the ownership of your personal data, which is not collected on this website.


A genuine relationship with photographers

We believe that a direct link and a genuine relationship with photographers is essential in the creation and development of Rhapsody Curated.

That is why our head curator, Pierre-Elie de Pibrac, is focused on creating a healthy and trusting relationship with the artists. Initial Lab, our partner, is a photography lab based in Paris and brings yet another link to the creation process, being the place where photographers bring their art to life.


A team of avid photography collectors

We understands the needs and wants of photography collectors from both the physical and the virtual worlds because most of us were collectors before anything else. We have all been passionate about photography and NFTs for a long time. And we want to share this passion to other collectors and photography enthusiasts.
You can follow our collector's journey through our personal Twitter accounts listed below.

Pierre-Elie (@PEdePibrac) : Liu Bolin, August Sander, Frank Horvat...
Jean-Michel Pailhon (@jmpailhon) : Caitlin Cronenberg, Bruce Gilden...
Julien Zanet (@Julien0x) : Simon de Reyer, August Sander, Robin Friend...
Maxime Zanet (@Maximus0x) : sixstreetunder, Iristography...


No-data policy

The Rhapsody Curated team is dedicated to making sure your data is and stays 100% yours. We never use cookies. We never track you. We never collect user data.

We believe that our platform should be a safe environment for the user where photography is the only thing they have in mind.

Meet the team


Julien Zanet

CEO @julien0x


Pierre-Elie de Pibrac

Head of Curation @PEdePibrac


Edouard Brossette



Maxime Zanet

Head of Sales @0xMaximus_


Lucas Zanet

Head of Communication @Lucius0x


Denise Zanet

Advisor Director of Initial Labo, @initiallabo


Jean-Michel Pailhon

Advisor, Ledger Chief of Staff at Ledger, @jmpailhon


Gary Blumenfeld

Advisor President of Metropole


Nicolas Faure

Advisor Director of Development at Metropole

Rhapsody Curated is a founding member of the NFT Factory in Paris

along with The Sandbox, Sorare, Ledger, MoCA, BlackPool, Arianee, Obvious...

People already talk about Rhapsody Curated

Photo London

Rhapsody Curated was invited by the Photo London photography fair to present NFTs. There we presented three portraits of British celebrities made with trash from the Bruno Mouron & Pascal Rostain series Autopsy.

The UPP panel in Arles 2022

During this panel on NFTs organised by Union des Photographes Professionnels (UPP), Rhapsody Curated was mentioned and one of our advisors Jean-Michel Pailhon spoke from from the perspective of the collector.

The ADAGP panel in Arles 2022

The ADAGP has been getting more and more interested in NFTs and they invited our head curator Pierre-Elie de Pibrac on their panel to present what it is like to be an artist in the NFT world.


Working and living with photographers

Rhapsody Curated occupies a space in the Initial Labo photography hub.

62 avenue Jean-Baptiste Clément,
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt,